How to Crush, Slice, Chop, and Mince Garlic

If you’re looking for maximum flavor in your recipes, stop buying pre-chopped garlic and learn how to mince garlic fresh from the clove! 

Fresh garlic is great for a wide variety of applications, and different recipes call for different ways to cut garlic. Learn how to peel, crush, slice, and mince garlic with the To Taste chefs; we believe that this is the absolute best way to peel and chop garlic.

How do you get the most flavor out of garlic?

Crushed garlic is great for roasted meats; sliced garlic is delicious on baked fish; chopped garlic is perfect for soups, and minced garlic is ideal for homemade vinaigrette. In order to get the most flavor out of garlic, don’t leave it on dry heat or cooking in oil for too long before adding liquid; otherwise, it will burn and create a bitter flavor!

Step-by-Step Instructions for Chopping Garlic

To peel garlic, place the heel of your chef’s knife on a garlic clove and apply pressure with the base of your hands. You can now easily remove the peel – how’s that for a peeled garlic hack?! Yay for no sticky fingers!

Next, using a chef’s knife, proper knife hold, a secure cutting board, and a rocking knife motion, slice the garlic clove from one end to the other.

Rotate the garlic to create chopped garlic.

To make finely chopped garlic, use a chopping technique; place your hand that is not holding the knife on the top of the spine. Keeping the tip of the knife on the board, and rock the knife back and forth over the garlic. Use the spine of the knife to gather it back together.

To create minced garlic, rotate the knife to a shallow angle, apply pressure, and drag across the pile of chopped garlic. Continue until garlic almost looks like a paste. 

Now that you know how to chop garlic like a chef, make an easy stir fry or a homemade vinaigrette!

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