Most meal plans don't work.
It's time you found one that does.

The Whole Life Meal Plan
is the only meal plan you'll ever need.

Customizable to YOUR taste

Chef-created recipes

Dietitian-designed menus

Works for individuals and families

Supported by helpful resources

Adaptable for most dietary needs

Appropriate for any budget

Suitable for any kitchen skill level

All so you can…

Cook confidently, simplify nutrition, and feel better! (no bs)

Don’t let the learning & cooking stop there!

Check out this video to learn about the Premium Whole Life Meal Plan.

Change your Whole Life in 21 Days
for just $21.
That's it.

This small fee will get you...

The Whole Life Meal Plan

A Week-Long Grocery List

Step-by-Step Recipe Demonstration Videos

Nutrition "Bites" Videos

Meal Prep Tips

Our Helpful Ingredient Guide

Access to Our Exclusive Online "Taste Buds" Community

Links to Helpful Resources

...and more!

After completing this meal plan, you can expect:

Whether you are a seasoned home cook or a total kitchen newbie, we’re hopeful that you will learn something new in the Whole Life Meal Plan.

Although this is a 7-day meal plan, we encourage you to follow it for a full 21 days (so a total of 3 times). This will allow you time to learn from mistakes (trust us, it even happens to experts!), master the recipes, gain more kitchen confidence, stock your kitchen with pantry staples, and adapt to this new style of eating. We’re confident that following this simple, healthy meal plan for the full 3 weeks will truly help you feel better!

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Meet Your Instructors

Chef Vahista Ussery,

Founder + Culinary
Nutrition Expert

Chef Lindsey Schoenfeld, RDN in a pink chef's coat

Chef Lindsey
Schoenfeld, RDN

Founder + Culinary
Nutrition Expert

Lexi Cole, RD, CCMS in a pink chef's coat

Lexi Endicott,

Community Engagement Strategist + Culinary Nutrition Specialist

The To Taste Registered Dietitian Nutritionists and Chefs have over 30 years of combined experience in food, cooking, and health.

We are truly experts in culinary nutrition. 

We are committed to teaching you the essential culinary skills that can help you take control of your health right from your kitchen.