Ages 3-5: How to Whip Egg Whites

Teaching kids how whip egg whites is a fun lesson to teach. Kids love using handheld mixers, as seen in our kitchen tools for kids video.

We LOVE cooking with kids. We strongly encourage you to bring your kids into the kitchen! Yes, they will make a mess, but you are helping teach them a life skill that so many adults lack today. Kids CAN cook! All it takes is some time, patience, and (lots of) paper towels!

The kitchen is also a great place to teach the five senses, science, math, nutrition, and more. Plus, when you cook with kids, they are more likely to taste what they make! 

To Taste has conducted countless kids cooking classes, in addition to cooking with our own kids, so we have learned some tricks along the way. Cooking with kids of different ages can be a bit of a challenge, which is why we’ve created this video series: cooking with kids ages 3-5! We will teach you and your kids simple and practical tips for encouraging kitchen confidence from a young age.

Cooking with 3- to 5-year-olds can seem daunting at first; they barely have enough motor skills to control kitchen tools! However, once you start teaching them, you may be surprised with how quickly they pick it up!

When teaching kids how to whip egg whites, hold the mixing bowl steady while they hold onto the hand mixer. Guide their hand around the bowl, and help them out if their arms get tired. You can add whipped egg whites to pancake or waffle batter, scrambled eggs, cakes, or other baked goods.

Once they know how to whip egg whites, maybe they will be inspired to learn other easy healthy recipes kids can cook, like granola, muffins, or energy bites!

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