How to Dice a Bell Pepper

In order to achieve recipe success, it’s important to know how to properly dice. This quick culinary skill video teaches you how to slice and dice a bell pepper for all of your cooking needs!

What’s the most annoying part about dicing a bell pepper? The seeds that get all over the board! In this video, we teach you the easiest way to dice bell peppers. Save time, frustration, and your fingers by learning how to efficiently dice!

Follow these step-by-step instructions for dicing bell peppers:

A sharp chef’s knife is the best knife for cutting bell peppers, so using a secure cutting board and proper knife hold, slice off the top of the pepper. Don’t throw it away! There’s still plenty of good pepper there.

Place the pepper on the flat stem end, then slice off each side to form panels.

Lay the panels flat. Skin side up or down? It depends on your knife! If you have a sharp knife, skin side up works, but if your knife is dull, skin side down will be easier and safer.

Use a rocking motion to slice the bell pepper into strips. This is how to cut bell peppers for fajitas, so if that’s your end goal, stop here!

To dice the bell pepper, grab a few strips, rotate 90º, and dice. Use in chili, stew, sauces, salads, or stir-frys.

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