How to do the Window Test

What is the windowpane test and how do you do it? The window test is a way to tell if your dough is properly developed for optimal shape and texture. Many bakers and pizza makers use this skill to ensure that the gluten is well-developed for a tight crumb structure.

When you under-knead bread or pizza dough, then the dough will not pass the windowpane test. This will cause the final product to not turn out with the right texture that you are looking for! 

You will know when the gluten is fully developed by stretching a small amount of dough between your fingers without it tearing. It’s called the windowpane test because you should be able to see light through it, just like you can see sunlight through a windowpane!

If the pizza dough tears easily, it is not ready for proofing and needs more kneading! Continue to knead pizza dough for a few more minutes, then do the window test again.

Once you know this windowpane test pizza pro-tip, you’ll be whipping out perfect pies and loaves like nobody’s business! Next, learn how to shape dough rounds and stretch pizza crusts for even more baking success tips!

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