How to Massage Kale

What’s the deal with “massaging kale”? This often-neglected culinary hack can turn bitter, fibrous kale into a salad superstar! This video demonstrates how to massage kale with olive oil, acid, and salt.

Massaging kale breaks down tough fibers and softens kale for salads so that they’re ready to eat right away. Without preparing kale like this, chewing and digesting kale can be difficult.

Although you don’t need to use this technique for things like soups, smoothies, or salads that marinate overnight, massaging kale is great for day-of salads (like our simple green salad) and sandwiches. 

Massaged kale lasts for up to one week in the refrigerator, but we doubt it will last that long! Once you know how to massage kale and have experienced the taste and texture difference, you’ll never go back to raw!

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