How to Chop Round Foods Safely

The first – and almost always forgotten – step when slicing, chopping, or dicing round foods is creating a flat surface. Round foods have a tendency to move and roll around the cutting board when you’re trying to chop them, and this can pose a safety hazard!

In this video, we demonstrate an easy technique for keeping round foods securely stationed on the cutting board. This will keep your cuts even and your fingers intact! Simply use a sharp chef’s knife and proper knife hold to slice off a thin piece of the food. Turn the food over onto its flat side, and you now have a flat surface for safe slicing and dicing!

Once you have learned how to chop round foods safely, check out our video on how to secure a cutting board. This skill also promotes knife safety and kitchen efficiency!

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We have loved using this video editing software from ClipChamp to create our videos. The software is intuitive and easy to use, which is super important for us, as we are not video producers by trade!

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