Cooking with Kids Ages 1 to 2

At what age should a child start cooking? As soon as they can sit and hold a spoon! You can start cooking with kids as young as 1 to 2 years old!

Although 1-2 year-olds probably won’t be able to do much actual cooking, this is a great age to start introducing them to different flavors through their meals and let them smell different spices and ingredients.

Capabilities will vary depending on your child’s age and the development of their fine motor skills. Usually by age one, kids can play with kitchen utensils and bowls. You will often see them copying your kitchen actions. Give them some ingredients to stir in a bowl or add to a pan, and you might be surprised by their talents!

In this video, Chef V’s 13-month-old explores kitchen utensils and play “cooks” his Cheerios.

Once you’ve watched this video, check out Cooking with Kids Ages 2-4!

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