Is your kitchen set up for success?

If not, we’ve got you covered! This shopping guide contains all of our favorite kitchen items in one convenient place!

Setting up a healthy kitchen environment can be an overwhelming and confusing process. Without some guidance, it can be difficult to know which products, ingredients, and equipment to purchase! 

We created this shopping guide so that as you prepare recipes at home, you can feel confident that your culinary creations maximize nutrition, flavor, and ease. 

These are our favorite brands and items for home cooks, but by no means do you have to go out and purchase all new equipment! If you have the same item but just a different brand or model, use what you already have! Or if there are items on the list that you’ll never use, don’t buy it! 

We want your home kitchen to be a fun, comfortable, and stress-free space.

These tools and products can also be found throughout our website in our articles, recipes, and videos. 


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