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Dietary habits established during childhood carry over into adulthood. Providing children with nutritious and delicious foods is a priority. With over 24 years combined experience in school foodservice, we understand USDA regulations and the challenges staff face on a daily basis. 

Chef-Cyndie Chef Lindsey and Chef V are members of Chef Cyndie’s K-12 Culinary Team. To Taste and Chef Cyndie’s team often work together on school nutrition projects. Chef Cyndie has specialized in school nutrition operations for over 25 years and was recognized by the White House as a Champion of Change for her work in child nutrition. Chef Cyndie and the K-12 Team provide on- and off-site school meal operational services including menu planning and nutrient analysis, recipe engineering and photography, scratch and speed scratch production, work simplification and scheduling, food safety and sanitation, and facilities and equipment recommendations.  

Services For School Foodservice and Daycares

Cooking Demonstrations

Wellness Publications

Recipe Development

Media Appearances

Curriculum Development

Hands-on Cooking Classes

Virtual Experiences

Our Teaching Methodology

As Registered Dietitians, we are committed to teaching culinary skills using evidence-based nutrition information and real-world advice. We are skilled in creating recipes, curriculums, and trainings for school foodservice programs that focus on kid-friendly foods. We strive to encourage kids and adolescents to explore new foods by introducing their palettes to new flavors and cuisines. We emphasize using whole, natural foods while still staying within USDA regulations. All recipes that we create provide meal pattern crediting information for all meal pattern components. Our recipes use standardized measurements and are realistically scalable for large quantity production.

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