While planning a trip to Seattle, we realized our to do list consisted of hiking, wining and dining. I’m fascinated by the excitement that revolves around food in Seattle (and other cities), especially the markets, farms and vineyards. The fresh fish and produce are truly inspiring! I always return home with more creative dishes, flavors and excitement!

So, why does it take a vacation to inspire us? Sometimes we get stuck in our routines. It’s comfortable and easy! I’m a victim of this, especially with kids. Unfortunately, our kids fall into the same routines. While routines are good, they’re not always the best for kids. I’m not talking about bath, books, and bed. I’m referring to our food routines. What do we eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Do we have the same snack every day?

If your answer is yes, you’re a good candidate for Community Supported Agriculture, CSA. Why? A CSA is a direct partnership between a family and a farm. They provide the freshest local produce to a location near you. The beauty of a CSA is the VARIETY of produce. This community prevents you from buying the same produce every week. They harvest directly from Texas soil, and the variety is based on the season. They also provide recipes and ideas for the produce in each box, especially those you may be unfamiliar with.

If you still want a shopping experience, visit a Texas Farmer’s Market. They are tons of fun for the entire family. Bring the kids! They not only sell great produce, but they also have breads, honey, eggs and flowers. Pick up a gift for a family or friend member. The mornings are full of breakfast tacos, juice and local coffee. All fresh and delicious!

Search http://www.edibleaustin.com/index.php/farmersmarkets and find the market closest to you!

To YOUR Taste,
Chef Lindsey