Two more days of school?

Neighborhood dinner party tonight?

Friendly gift exchange?

Don’t forget the gift of food.

It’s a classic. We’d like to provide you with a few easy ideas that require minimal assembly or very little cooking.

#1 No cook Idea: Fruits and Veggies. We recently received lemons from our neighbor. She has a lemon tree with way too many beautiful lemons. She bundled up a few and delivered them. This is a fabulous idea. Her lemons found homes, and we can use them in desserts, beverages or meals. This requires no cooking, and they are perfect by themselves. Maybe we could even make lemoncello!

#2 Minimal baking idea: Granola. One of my favorite gifts to give and receive. A friend at work always gifted granola, and I loved it! I could bring yogurt or fruit and make a great snack. It’s better than store bought, and I bet you have quite a few ingredients in your pantry now. Check out our quick Maple Nut Granola recipe!

#3 No Spoil Idea: Coffee and Tea. Being a mom of two littles, I must have coffee and tea on hand. It doesn’t spoil quickly. We often give teachers and friends so many sweet treats, they spoil before they’re consumed. With a gift like coffee or tea, they have time to use it or share it with family and friends.

Think of your favorite foods and recipes. Wrap them up and take them with you. Share and savor these holiday traditions! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from To Taste!

To YOUR Taste,
Chef Lindsey