Cancer prevention, weight loss and heart disease are just a few hot topics in nutrition news. With an increase in gimmicky diets, it’s a challenge to know which path to choose. To Taste provides evidenced based nutrition education by registered dietitian nutritionists trained in the culinary arts. Whether it’s a one hour visit or a creative workshop, participants will leave with an understanding of how to eat right for optimal health, as well as pick, purchase and prepare whole foods.

Vahista Ussery, I am convinced, knows everything there is to know about food and nutrition. Even more important, though, she is able to convey her message in such a non-threatening way that anyone she advises will be inspired to make changes in his or her life. She regularly speaks to my college students, and they repeatedly mention her vast knowledge, her impressive career trajectory, and her ability to help them make simple, powerful changes in their eating habits and lives.
Ruth McAdams, Ph.D., Professor of English, Tarrant County College