Y’all– what the heck? Anniversary sales, tax free weekend, cheap shoes with blisters or expensive ones they’ll lose? Buy a jacket or will it ever get cold again? Purchase school supplies online or brave the isles of target looking for the perfect Kleenex box and lined notebook, or not lined notebook? I have a headache, and if you’re reading this, I bet you do too. Trust me. I like choices, but my current options are wearing me out.

I chose to purchase our school supplies online, so we could concentrate on the one item we really care about at To Taste. Your child’s lunch. Lunch boxes are impressive, and the market is booming with great options, but it’s confusing. Stainless, plastic, 3 compartments or 5. So many options! We focused on the containers with 3-5 compartments for kids or adults. Here’s the scoop on our favorites:

Bentgo Kids Brights  $27.99

  • Pros
    • BPA free, leak proof, rubber coated material
    • Hinged lid (so kids can’t lose it)
    • Cute bright colors
  • Cons
    • Insert is dishwasher safe, but outside shell is hand wash only
    • Larger and heavier than competitors
  • Extra Info
    • Ideal for ages 3-7, but many other Bentgo options for older kids

LunchBots $19.98 – $39.99

  • Pros
    • Durable, stainless steel
    • Lightweight
    • Dishwasher safe, simple clean up
    • Many options on divider
  • Cons
    • Not water tight, no runny liquids or foods
    • Fewer colors

Remember—always pack your child’s lunch with an icepack or freezer pack. Harmful microorganisms can start growing if food is held outside refrigeration for more than 4 hours. These microorganisms can make you sick.

We realize this is an investment, but these lunch boxes will last multiple years, so will an icepack! Maybe next year lululemon and Yeti will team up to make a temperature controlled, yet very expensive option. We’ll just have to wait and see!