So you’re sweet enough, right? Never. I’ve always disliked the idea that eating more sugar makes you sweeter, because I LOVE sugar! Obviously, I’m not sweet enough.

Needless to say, we eat a lot of sugar. Americans have steadily increased our sugar consumptions year after year. We’ve actually found different ways to squeeze in more sugar than most recognize. We’re not talking about natural sugar found in foods like fruits and vegetables. We’re talking about added sugar.

I know we generally forget about health and overindulge during the holidays, but before we dive in on Thursday, take one quick look at your holiday menu. Does every menu item contain added sugar?

Thanksgiving Meal:

Turkey or ham – honey or maple

Sweet potatoes – brown sugar, table sugar, honey

Sweet Corn –  table sugar

Sweet Bread –  table sugar or glazed with honey

Cranberry Sauce – table sugar

Fruit Salad – JELLO or pudding mix

Dessert – need I say more?

Just consider the natural sweetness of the foods mentioned above, before adding sugar. Sweet potatoes, corn and fruit are naturally sweet. They don’t always need added sugar. If you’re following a family favorite, gradually add the sugar. Always have a few test tasters present. I bet you don’t need ALL of it! After all, you’re sweet enough!

To YOUR Taste!

Chef Lindsey