Hello to culinary techniques! Have you ever been so tied to a recipe, you feel like one change or alteration could mess with your entire masterpiece? Sometimes recipes are needed and precision is key, but not all recipes have to be exact. In fact, not all meals need recipes!

When we first started our company To Taste, our goal was to teach people how to cook, bringing kitchen basics back and simplifying meals at home. With so many exciting shows and social media clips focusing on recipes, we believe people forgot how to cook. Eek! Most rely solely on recipes. By cooking, I mean making a meal out of a few simple culinary techniques and ingredients. Following recipes is helpful, but sometimes they are long, tedious and overwhelming. Our goal is to turn culinary basic and healthy pantry staples into manageable snacks and meals.

When people think of their favorite foods, they often begin with “grandma’s” or “momma’s” home cooked meal….Why? Grandma could take any ingredient and create the most comforting cuisine. She knew the basics of food and cooking.

With that being said, we know grandma’s recipes took time…sometimes days of preparation! Our generation does not have all day, and we barely have a morning, noon or night. It’s our goal to bring easy recipe concepts and culinary techniques to your kitchen. These recipe concepts will act as BASE recipes, meaning a few short ingredients, that can help build a meal. You can add more ingredients depending on your mood, time and energy.

We’ll start with overnight oats. A popular breakfast concept! Take a look at this base recipe, and then add your own ingredients. If you’re not feeling creative, we’ll still include a few of our favorite variations! Have fun, use what you have, and cook real food!

To YOUR Taste!

Chef Lindsey